The STAY STRONG PROJECT is an example of universal sacred music in action, in this case in the service of environmental sustainability- but also spiritual unity!

 Website of composer and pianist Roger Davidson

Soundbrush Records, founded in 2003 by Roger Davidson, is the exclusive label of the Society for Universal Sacred Music. Dedicated to producing high-quality recordings of jazz, Latin music, world music, and others, Soundbrush has recently adopted the recording catalogue of the Society, and will be managing all of its future recording projects.

Leaders in contemporary American choral music

 Conductor and Artistic Director, The New York Virtuoso Singers and The Canticum Novum Singers

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization.  Peace Village is a learning and retreat center, located in upstate New York.

KINDNESS RANCH takes in animals who have been abandoned, have been in laboratories, or are physically compromised, and gives them love and care. The people at KINDNESS RANCH are an example of the kindness and compassion that we need throughout the world in all situations of life.

The Jewish/Arab peace song, by Shlomo Gronich, is inspiring – and fun – example of music that can help heal a long-standing conflict through the power of hope and an acknowledgment of our fundamental unity.