Core principles

God is one – our universal Father/Mother, the Creator and Organizer of the universe, the most radiant Being of Light, the center of all love and compassion.

No one is God but God; all spiritual teachers have been and always will be our Brothers and Sisters. But there is a spark of God in each of us, as God is the Creator of our eternal spirits.

God’s love is unconditional, and one of the many manifestations of such love is the gift of eternal life, with as many Earthly incarnations as necessary for one’s progress toward ever-greater love and compassion. Thus, we will always have a chance to atone for transgressions, and to receive forgiveness from each other as well as from God.

We are all God’s children, of equal value in God’s eyes. Let us therefore lay down our arms throughout the world, and forever live as the Brothers and Sisters we have always been. It is in our innermost nature – which was born of God – to love and honor each other as ourselves. Let the music we create therefore be a true reflection of God and of our innermost selves.

We acknowledge the life force in nature both visible and invisible, and honor that life force as a manifestation of God’s love. Thus we find that animals and plants, on land and in the sea, can be sources of joy and vital energy for us all –and that the beauty we find in nature is a source of reverence that can nourish our souls.



“A flaming Being is God! For the ethereal rays of the Light issue from His body and they glorify its radiant beauty. Youth, purity and beauty in their most sublime form are expressions of His personal presence. His countenance bespeaks infinite but sorrowful love. Grief and pain dwell in the depth of His unfathomable look, for He carries the suffering and grief of all creation in His mind. With yearning, with sorrow and with pain He gazes into the vastness of space. His eyes seek the Earth, He beholds suffering and struggling humanity. His Thought follows the much-missed and so distant beings, who are His beloved children. And when He sees that they go in the ways of Darkness, when He hears their disputes, when He sees their unworthy conduct in mutual intolerance, in strife, anger and hatred then His eye is veiled with shame and sorrow for the children to whom He gave eternal spiritual life, to whom He gave thought and will, and whose mind He endowed with a spark of the purity, love and beauty of His own Being. But when He sees that some of His children follow the ways that He indicated for the journeying of their earthly life, then He fervently rejoices and a loving smile dawns over His sorrowful and solemn countenance.

If you human beings knew how your Father grieves over you, if you knew the depth of His agonizing sorrow for you, if you knew the anguish of His mind called forth by your unworthy conduct, by your evil, wicked, hideous and illicit thoughts and actions, then you would be ashamed! If you knew the horror and revulsion that fill His Being on observing your conduct, when with weapons at hand, with explosive substances and with poisons you war with one another, destroy peoples, realms and nations, subverting all that is splendid, pure and good both in your own minds and in the minds of others, then you would be yet more ashamed! Then you would grieve over yourselves, then you would turn in mind and in thought toward your distant Father, who is yet so near, then you would answer Him when He calls, then you would beseech Him to lead you in the ways and paths that lead to Him, that lead to His Kingdom. Yea, then you would fully show your Father that you love Him, that you are worthy of His love and care. And your Father would then rejoice over you! The anguish, the suffering, the grief that now impress His countenance, and oppress His mind would vanish, and from His deep and boundless love He would bless you, He would in spirit and in truth be your Father, God, Protector and Supreme Leader, both in your earthly life and the worlds of the spheres, yea, wherever you should walk.

Our God and Father calls upon you—day and night—at all times His calling voice sounds to you!

Human beings, give Him your answer!

Do you not hear Him?”

– from “Questions and Answers”, published by TOWARD THE LIGHT Publishing House, Copenhagen, Denmark