Our Scandinavian Tour: Premiering New American Sacred Music in Denmark and Sweden!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The New York Virtuoso Singers with Harold Rosenbaum, conductor and artistic director

This month, Society for Universal Sacred Music headed to Scandinavia for a tour of Denmark and Sweden to perform new American works by Roger Davidson based on Danish texts. SUSM Artistic Director and Conductor Harold Rosenbaum lead  The New York Virtuoso Singers in performances of Davidson’s Hilsen Til Danmark (“Greetings to Denmark”) as well as selections from recent SUSM performances in the U.S., and a set of three classic American spirituals.

The concerts in both Denmark and Sweden were very well received. We impressed everyone with our Danish pronunciation of the Hilsen Til Danmark music!

For more information including bios and program texts, download our Danish or Swedish concert programs! (Programs include English translations.)

Click Here for a PDF the Danish/English program. Click Here for the  Swedish/English  program.

Click “Read More” below to see Roger Davidson’s introduction letter from the Scandinavian concert programs.

Welcome Letter from Roger Davidson,
President and Founder of Society for Universal Sacred Music

The Society for Universal Sacred Music has, among other essential purposes, a mission of building bridges throughout the world – with the understanding that all human beings are fundamentally brothers and sisters. We are all eternal children of the same unconditionally loving God. Therefore our responsibility is to produce music that reflects and promotes that fundamental unity, and a reverence for the divinity in all the universe and within each of us. Such values appear in the writings of many cultures, including poetry. The heart of this concert consists of four poems by Danish poets, which I set to music for mixed chorus a cappella; these pieces, the music of which was inspired by the highly musical and spiritual qualities of the poems themselves, are part of a set of fifteen such works, the title of which is “Hilsen Til Danmark,” or “Greetings to Denmark.” These fifteen poems were produced in 1915 and published by Vandrer Mod Lysets Forlag, the “Toward the Light Publishing House,” and although the names of the poets will be familiar to everyone in Denmark, the poems themselves were written after their death and transmitted through thought inspiration in the same manner in which the book associated with these poems, “Vandrer Mod Lyset” or “Toward the Light,” was produced. The musical and spiritual qualities of all these poems are so high that they inspired me to set them all to music, which I did between the years 1988 and 1996.

We present this program as our bridge from the United States of America to Scandinavia – a bridge which has been built by Music Director Harold Rosenbaum and The New York Virtuoso Singers every bit as much as by the composers.

The rest of the program consists of choral music from our repertoire, all recently composed examples of what we call “ universal sacred music” – music that reflects the unity and unconditional love of God.